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"From Africa, Asia ,Phillipeans To The USA Nursing, Is A Part Of Every Culture"

My journey from student to nurse was not an easy path! 

Leaving the Los Angeles Divorce Court to begin a new era of my life as a nursing student at the Los Angeles Southwest College was, bittersweet. 

That was over twenty years ago.

My success as a speaker, published author, and registered nurse is because of strength, endurance and a strong vision for future nurses. For that reason I'm driven to share my story with listeners, about how I overcame my obstacles. 

My hope is to inspire, encourage and let future nurses know they can overcome obstacles preventing a successful journey.

Students often fail due to a lack of support, motivation and encouragement. It is my desire to assist them in overcoming those roadblocks, in particular, throughout their journey to success.

If you are an individual contemplating a career in nursing, a current nursing student or someone seeking a career transition, then let me be your personal blueprint! 

It is an exciting time for a career in nursing and I would love to be a part of  helping you get yours started.

I look forward to being with you on your journey, whether it be by book, blogging with you, answering your most intriguing questions or speaking at your next engagement.

"Today is a great day to be great®!"

Mona Clayton, MSN, RN

orator- author-registered nurse


Nurse Mona-Clayton  is the CEO and Founder of  “The Nurses Pub®” and  

"Nurses 2 Rock Pub (A subdivision of "The Nurses Pub")

 which was founded in 2007.

She recognizes the importance of giving back to the community that she called home. Her passion for recruiting single mothers, in particular, started with her producing seminars for the inner city communities.

In 2014, she began the outreach campaign (#future100K), with the development of “The Nurses Pub,” a non-profit organization and the “#1 Global Connection” for future nurses, aiming to recruit 100,000 single mothers to the profession of nursing. 

The campaign has expanded from passionate students and single mothers living in the U.S. to students in Africa, Asia and most recently the Philippines. 

Nurse Mona has served as a registered nurse for over 23 years and gained experience in multiple nursing arenas, such as Medical-Surgical, Telemetry, Intensive Care, Labor & Delivery, Urgent Care, and Home Based Telephonic Nursing. Mona has also worked multiple Travel Nurse assignments. 

An expert of the field, author of "From Student to Nurse," her passion and knowledge for nursing goes beyond practicing. Her book has reached national distribution throughout Barnes & Noble Booksellers, designed to inspire and motivate future nurses to succeed. 

 Named “Nurse of the Year” for the Los Angeles County Health Care System,” Nurse Mona was also a recipient of the Mayor’s Recognition Award in (2012) and Mayor’s Commendation Recognition Award in (2014) for her work producing the “Surviving the Journey” seminars in Compton and Inglewood, California. 

In 2016, Mona  was nominated by the Los Angeles Business Journal as a finalist for the “Health Care Leadership Award.” 

Nurse Mona was awarded the “Distinguished Alumni Award” from the University of Phoenix where just 15 out of 92,000 were selected from 

Southern California, and  has also been awarded the “Super Phoenix” alumni recipient from the University of Phoenix in previous years.

A product of South Central Los Angeles, Mona , MSN, RN knew at an early age that education was not only a privilege, but at the same time, a necessity.  

Nurse Mona attended public school and wanted  a higher education than her grandparents, who had only received a first-grade education. She wanted more than what her single mother had, who had to work multiple jobs in order for Mona to pursue a proper education. 

Mona  attended John C. Fremont High School in Los Angeles, California, attended the University of the Pacific’s school of pharmacy and continued her education at Compton Community College (CCC). 

At CCC is where she earned a degree in Computer Science.

She received her Associate of Science in nursing degree from

Southwest College, her Bachelor of Science in nursing degree from the University of Phoenix. Nurse Mona completed her Masters degree in Nursing Education at Grand Canyon University.

Nurse Mona's future goals are to be a global spokesperson for recruiting future nurses, assisting Michelle Obama with her campaign to combat childhood obesity, and working to decrease the incidence of childhood diabetes. 

In addition to those goals, connecting with Oprah Winfrey's School for Girls as an educator for future nurses is another.

Nurse Mona has one daughter and  currently resides in  Los Angeles. 


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